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Our Story

Cloud Perfect Solutions is a new endeavor created by three senior consulting professionals whose individual track records and experience dwarf that of typical consultants. 

Our three principals came together in 2023 for one simple reason: they wanted to take transformational consulting to the next level without being burdened by conventional models of revenue-driven behaviors and high overhead. 

They each individually and collectively sought to get right to the heart of customer-centric business value by delivering  relevant advice, informed direction, and sharp delivery. 

What We Do

What is "transformational consulting?" Transformational consulting is consulting that makes a real technological and business difference. It's not staff augmentation. It's not telling you what you want to hear to make a quick sale. It speaks the truth, sometimes telling you what you'd rather not hear, and it sometimes introduces new approaches and technologies you'd never imagined. Its focus is the customer and the customer's mission. It speaks the truth and is entirely transparent. It is, in our view "true consulting." Yes, we deliver too. We bring nothing but the very best to your business transformation.

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